Select caller ID. First of all, in the office of the operator of fixed telephony update available this service for our phone numbers. If Yes, then go to the store to choose a console. Keys work in two different modes, for simplicity let's call them pulse and tone. Tonal determinants referred to as Euro caller ID. Depending on the telephone pick up any caller ID. The work of the Euro-caller ID is not guaranteed on a pulsed mode, and Vice versa: pulse determinant will not work on tonal signals.
The plug-in caller ID to the phone. For work caller ID must be connected into the telephone wall socket. Regardless of whether you are connected to one telephone or several parallel, the determinant can be connected to any of them. Is used for connection additional cable which is usually sold together with the console-determinant. The connection should look like this: phone Jack – keys – phone. Thus, the two devices are connected in series, and a telephone call signal passes through the caller ID and gets to the phone.
Check up correctness of connection of the determinant. The handset should be even a dial tone. If no beep, check the correct connection in the socket of AON and cables in the determinant. Sometimes caller ID several similar nests that perform different functions, and they can be confused.
Writing an application service provider. This step could be done before purchase of the determinant, and after the connection, as we do now. Form and a sample application for service connection caller ID or the Euro-AON are the operator. The meaning of the statement that we ask to activate "caller ID" to your home phone. The statement must serve the person who owns the phone number. After activation of the service for her will be charged a monthly fee.