To enable the details of an account in the company "MTS", the subscriber will need to use the number of USSD-request *111*551#. Using this number, you can obtain information about all the actions performed with the mobile device over the last three days. Don't forget about another number that is in your possession is the number to send the SMS 1771. The text of these messages, you must specify the short code 551. Please note that all the clients of "MTS" affordable "Mobile portal" self - service, which also allows to obtain information about the account. Is this system on the official website of the operator.
For subscribers connected to the operator "the Megaphone" there is a special system. It is called the Service Guide. You can use the system directly to the official website of the company (the system itself is in the same section). It should be noted that all of the sections listed on the home page, in the left part. But if you go to another page, the list of sections will remain in place. By the way, you can always ask for help in one of salons of communication "MegaFon" or office support subscribers.
Clients of the company "Beeline" at any time can order the operator of the service "detailed account". After ordering, the user can obtain information about incoming and outgoing calls, time of calls, type of call costs and of messages sent, duration of calls and much more. Connect the details of an account on the official website of the company, completing and sending a special statement. This method is available to all clients "Beeline", regardless of their system of calculation.