If the cell phone owner has set a certain tone, or a signal for the caller, then when it sounds along with flashing of the numbers will sound the installed tune. Any cell detects an incoming call, saving the number of the caller, this allows you to call back on this number if you respond immediately failed.
In coordination with the operator of the ability to determine the phone numbers that subscribers can activate the service "antiopredelitel rooms", that is, when they call any number from their cell phone, their number is not shown on the display and is not defined. This feature is paid and taxed charged a monthly fee and a one-time payment when you connect.
On standard urban phone you can also connect the caller ID. You can immediately buy the office of city phone with a hardware caller ID device, or you can add a function - automatic number identification the incoming call to the PBX.
This service is chargeable and subject to a monthly subscription fee. Some service providers offer Caller–id that allows to determine the regional and Federal phone numbers. Providing such service upon written request.