Find out what standard definition room maintains a telephone station connected to the device: classic or modern DTMF caller ID. It may also be that the station is not supported by either the standard - then using the service have to give.
Purchase or cordless telephone with caller ID used on the PBX standard, either domestic multifunction machine. The latter is not radiotrance, but has a bright illuminated display with large digits. It has lots of features implemented in software, and also equipped with a speech synthesizer. New models of these devices are dual.
Connect the apparatus in parallel to the existing phones. If it has a power supply unit, plug it into the network. If the unit is dual, right, select standard. The phone, the caller ID feature can be turned off by default - turn it on.
Make ATS the identification service. This is especially important if the station is operating in standard DTMF: no connect service just won't work. And the service rendered under the old standard, it is better to pay to avoid the risk of prosecution, although this happens rarely. The monthly fee is often less than a hundred rubles.
Set your machine to match your preferences. Select, in particular, the volume of the speech synthesis, the brightness of the indicator, ringtone. Learn how to use the phone additional functions: alarm clock, calculator. In the domestic apparatus is found to a few tens of features among which convenient will find every.
Please note that keys to the old standard to identify rooms simulates lifting the handset. From that moment begins a withdrawal from the account of the caller, if it is not a flat rate.