In the first stage, the seller is obliged to present the documents necessary for registration of the plot:- a document confirming the right of ownership;
- the floor plan;
- a certificate of absence of arrests and bans;
- cadastral plan of the land plot;
- certificate from tax inspection about payment of taxes on the land for the current year.If the seller lack the necessary documents, they can be purchased:- floor plan - BTI;
- cadastral plan Cadastral Committee;
- certificate of absence of arrests at the Land Committee.
In the second stage directly is a contract for the sale and purchase of land plot. It can be made in a simple written form and notarize - both are legal. Written contract for management of the Federal registration service. This contract shall include the size and location of the land plot, the purpose of its use.
The third step is the transfer of a land plot, i.e., signed the Transfer certificate. He officially confirms the transfer of ownership to the new owner.
In the fourth stage, for the registration of the land plot to the local Department of the Federal registration service must submit the following documents:- application for registration;
- right supporting document to a land plot;
- transfer act;
- cadastral plan of the land plot;
- receipt of payment of the registration fee;
- certificate of payment of tax on land.
The fifth step is the calculation of the buyer with the seller. The seller gets paid after buyer receive the Certificate of ownership.