You will need
  • Documents of title to house and land
  • Cadastral passport section
If you want to sell the plot fast - use all possible resources. Involve the sale of real estate Agency - due to the extensive advertising campaign, the shoppers on your land there at once. Just remember that you will have to pay a certain percentage to the agent for the sale of the site. Check this point directly. Lay the Board in the cost of land, and then the burden will fall on the buyer of land.
Put ads on the free sites of sale. A list of these resources will give any search engine. On sites simple and accessible language describes the registration procedure and policy. Describe in detail your plot, specify the area in acres, whether buildings, water supply, electricity, Sewerage. Write how many miles the nearest city, is there any near bus stops, shops, lake, forest. If there are photos of the area - be sure to add them to your ad.
How to sell <strong>plot</strong> quickly
* Do not inflate the cost of land. Sell high and fast unlikely. Look for similar ads in the Internet and specify the average cost for this type of real estate.
The best time for the sale of land in the spring. People are starting to think about purchasing a garden plot for the summer and prices are rising in his eyes.
Declare to all friends about sale of land. Perhaps friends will want to buy land in the property, or advise someone who needs country land.
Check for the necessary sales documents - certificate of ownership and cadastral passport. Preparation of the extract from state land cadastre takes up to 6 months, and implement a site without this document, extremely problematic.
How to sell <strong>plot</strong> quickly
Remember that land, especially near large cities, is more expensive from year to year. Weigh all the "pros" and "cons", so you do not regret the decision. Probably waiting a year or two you can get for your plot much larger sum. And quite possibly, do decide to sell it, and you will spend time on nature with my favorite people. Whatever your choice - good luck to you all!
How to sell <strong>plot</strong> quickly