If you decide not to go to a notary office and should limit itself to preparing a written agreement (article 550 of the civil code), invite witnesses on the part of the buyer and the seller.
Enter the reason for the contract. For example, if a contract for the sale of the land, then make a note of what the buyer bought and the seller sold the land. Enter city or district, area, region, intended purpose, permitted use.
Enter all passport data of the buyer, the seller, and at the end of the contract all details about witnesses.
The contract must contain all terms of sale and purchase (article 554, 432 of the civil code), the price of the buy and sell real estate (article 317 of the civil code), the area of the house, apartment or land plot (article 555 of the civil code).
Specify the obligations of the seller to alienable property. In this paragraph, specify that if there are alienable property tax or utility debts and they appear within 12 months from the date of purchase, the seller is obliged to repay them at their own expense.
Also make the point that the seller guarantees that the transaction of sale takes place according to the rules of law, and the property will not qualify by third parties.
Additionally, you have the right to make a contract all the items you deem appropriate to mention.
At the bottom of the contract put the signature of the seller, buyer, witnesses, date of document, date, month and year.