You will need
  • - old jeans;
  • - sewing accessories;
  • - a sewing machine.
Denim skirt from pants. Cut the old jeans in your size to the desired length of the skirt. If the bottom you will handle to hem, then add 4 cm for processing the bottom (it can't bend, just a little pull at the fabric to get a short fringe).
Strut the inner seams of the legs and step the seam up to the zipper (fly) in front and to the waist in the back. Turn inside out and fold the pants, aligning the side seams, flatten ripped apart.
Draw on the ripped sections of both sides of the pants front and rear lines connecting points on the inseam (at the hips) and the bottom of the skirt. Thus, you will cut off excess fabric and make the cuts straight. Don't forget about the seam 1.5 cm.
Sew the open sections front and rear "jeans" seam. Fold the bottom of the skirt or down the fabric to ribbons.
Bag. Lay the jeans on a table front side up. Measure from the waist 24 cm and cut along this line.
Of colored cloth stitch stripes with a width of 13 cm and a length equal to the length of the lower edge cut off part of the pants (to measure the size of round). The strip can be performed in the technique "lazy" patchwork: a break of cotton fabric stripes of the desired size and lay on it butt pieces, pin and sew them to the base with stitching "zigzag".
Sew the side (short) sections of the resulting patchwork strips. Sew it to the bottom edge of the denim details. Seam Ratatouille and attrocity from the front side at the patchwork strip.
At this stage, measure the width of the top and bottom of the future bag and its height. These dimensions take the lining and sew it.
Turn the bag inside out and sew the bottom cuts. One of the corners of the bag fold to align the side and bottom seams and lay flat. Line the bottom of the seam from the corner, measure 2.5 cm and draw a line perpendicular to the seam. On this line lay a double line. The same process and the second area.
Of the cut of your jeans take the handle of arbitrary length. Thus, their width should be twice that desired in the finished form plus allowances at 1 cm from all sides. Fold the cut parts of the handles in half lengthwise face inward. Prostrochite handle on the long side and remove them on the face. Will attrocity handles along the edges at a distance of 0.5 cm and sew to the belt on the jeans so that the seam allowances go beyond the lower edge of the belt and looked inside of the bag.
Sew the lining to the bottom edge of the belt manually or with machine, disposing of the allowances of the handles underneath.
Organizer. Using ripped legs as the basis and the pockets from some old jeans, sew convenient organizer. To determine the size, focus on the place where you plan to place it.
The edges of the main cloth seam in the hem and contrasting piping. Sew pockets in any order. Adorn the product with application or apply decals with acrylic paint for textiles.