You will need
  • A strip of cloth, similar to the one from which to sew jeans, blade, needle, thread.
Before starting work it is necessary to be washed and ironed pants. It is also worth to see how were hemmed pants before your intervention. Most often jeans just bent, and then stitched. In this case, your task is greatly simplified. You need to unpick the hem on both legs. Then choose carefully from the site of the former seam all the threads.
Then wet the bottom of the pants. Try to iron their iron so that the crease line will not be visible. If the first attempt failed, try to re-flatten so that in these places the fabric as little as possible frowned.
Now we need to find the right color and texture of the fabric 2 strips with a width of about 4 centimeters. The strips are best cut on the cross. That is exactly how the pants are cut.
Then align the front sides. Then put the long edge of the strips on the bottom of the Trouser. Now baste and stitch on the machine. Fold and zautyuzhte seam.
Now sewn stripes need to bend as it is done in the simple treatment of the bottom of the product. Baste obtained the ACC, and then manually sew the seam, which will not be visible on the outside of the pants. This way you can 2-3 cm to lengthen the pants.