You will need
  • Jeans, washer, dryer, stove, washing powder, threads, a needle.
Wash jeans in the washing machine at high temperature. It is best to use the 90 degrees. However, this method is suitable only for those who have jeans are very highly stretched and their composition cotton 70%. If you have jeans with lycra, such a wash can turn them into panties or absolutely shapeless products strange forms.
There is such a magical thing – the automatic dryer. Now this device is becoming increasingly popular in our country. If even after normal washing, dry the jeans in a machine, their shape will remain for a long time, and the size decreases very much. To buy specially for jeans in the dryer, of course, does not make sense, but if you have it, be sure to use it in order to put them.
Of course, the jeans should be your size. If you make a mistake when buying and become the owner of the pants, which are more several sizes, to fit them to the required volume you hardly succeed. You can, of course, to resort to radical surgery and simply take in jeans at the widest places, but after that their cut and fit will change forever. Try to boil the jeans with a solution of strong detergent in a large pot on the stove. Most likely, after such manipulations they will sit. But be also prepared for the fact that their color may change. If you are ready to wear "varenkov", boiling is better not to get involved.