You will need
  • 1) Tailor's needles
  • 2) Tailor's chalk or soap
  • 3) Thread and needle
  • 4) Line
  • 5) Sewing machine
Jeans-flared is the same as the pants-bell bottom, only made of jeans or denim. The word "flare" means a flareamount increasing with length. It is different, depending on where the wind blows fashion trends. Different variations allow you to create silhouettes and volumes of the product.
Distinguish flare from the hip, mid-thigh (between hip and knee), the knee. Can be variations of the flareand between the thigh and knee, not only from the middle. Product width to the bottom may increase slightly – light flare, or become so big that when you walk you will be confused in the leg.
Try on jeans. It is very important to look through the mirror because the top is quite a different view. Mark tailor's pins (with ears or balls) where you want to take and how much to remove to the bottom. Bulavochka immolate directly on the jeans on the front side. If you find it hard to stick, ask someone showing how much I mean to thrust. To stab you need one pant leg. Usually from the knee to the hem flaredthe message is the same distance from both sides, otherwise it will be skewed.
Carefully remove the product, so as not to prick, and not to fallen needles, and remove it.
Using soap or tailor's chalk, mark the lines of the place of puncture pins. Pull out the pins. Straighten the leg, lay her full length on the table. Draw a line in the received lines. Remember, the line should be smooth and beautiful. So some of the dash can break out. Check the distance on the bottom, which you are going to remove. It should not vary greatly (typically 5-7 mm). Although exceptions are possible. For example, marriage in a product or a model.
Now align exactly two legs, move with a line of needles on the second leg, piercing through them at the line. Sweeps on the received lines and try them on. If necessary, make adjustments and grind down.
Trim excess fabric, sewn cut and priutyuzhte. Jeans ready!