Learn the General requirements imposed to the design of business documents. The main regulatory document to date is the GOST R 6.30-2003, it applies to all kinds of standardized documents, which include business letter. Read the requirements that you will need to know when writing caps letters, find out what is included with the details requirements details of documentation, forms of letters.
For writing formal business letters use a form of your company, which should be printed on a standard sheet of writing white A4 paper. On the form must indicate the logo and full name of your company, its details, postal address, contact telephones, Fax and e-mail address by which to contact. If you represent a state organization, pay attention to the requirements of the state emblem of the Russian Federation, which is also installed in GOST R 6.30-2003.
In the header of the letter in the upper left corner, there is a remark field to mail header. You have one sentence to formulate the question that will be considered in the main text of the letter. It will help the Manager or other official to whom the letter is addressed, to determine who to invite as a consultant on the issue or to whom to entrust the solution of the issue of this letter.
In the upper right corner, write the title, organization, name and initials of the recipient, enter postcode and the address to which you will need to send a letter. If your recipient has the scientific title, they can also be expressed in front of his name.
The appeal is also included in the header of the letter. Start it with "Dear..." and refer to officials by name and patronymic. If they are unknown to you, you can find them by contacting the Secretariat of the organization where you write a letter.