Drafting business letters

Writing a business letter must have a purpose: to offer cooperation, to increase sales of the organization, to expedite the process of payment for goods, make a complaint, to thank of something to make a deal, congratulations. The letter must be written with a specific purpose and it should be as it is expressed. Be sure to find out details about the company where you are going to send a letter. About the potential partner needs to know the maximum.

Often, companies send out mass emails with the goods or services, but about whom there is minimal information. This is the main mistake of all beginners. After all, the recipient of the letter is always nicer to know that you go to him personally. Appeal to the man named is the basis of successful letter for the sale of goods, for example. And even if you don't know the name of the addressee, in any case it is impossible to write the position of the person in a shortened version when referring to him.

Making business letters

Ideally, each company has its own brand name. On it and executed the business letter. On the letterhead always contains the name of the organization, location, and legal, networking, website, email address, logo and other data about the organization. The field of business writing: lower, upper, right and left are standard sizes. Left margin - 3 cm, as all documents are sent to the binder. Right field - 1,5 cm Top and bottom indentation: 1 cm.

Every business letter starts with a brief and catchy title, which is located in the middle. In the header, surely the content of the text. Hat of a business letter includes: name of recipient company name, and position of the person of the recipient (in the upper right corner). The upper left corner under the cap is a place to specify the registration (outgoing) writing numbers and dates. If a business letter is written as a letter response, you should indicate what the document is of the letter. The heading of a business letter listed after the date and number of the document. The signature of the sender is specified at the end of the letter. Also be sure to spell name and title.

If the letter indicates any financial information about the company, it must also be signed by the chief accountant. The order of signatures is: first, the signature of the General Director and the chief accountant. Also at the end of the letter the signature is placed on the official seal of the organization. Times New Roman font 12 size and single spacing is the standard for formal business correspondence. Business letter, which is a serious proposition, it is customary to send mail, not by Fax or E-mail. The courier gives a letter to the Manager or Secretary. Email is definitely delivered in a big brand the envelope printed. It all works to create a favorable image of the company.