Before writing the query, specify which organizations can provide you with the requested information, not to receive as a result of waiting for a response that such information your addressee does not have.
If you write a request on behalf of the organization, to write it on her official letterhead and sign by the head. In the upper left corner indicate the position of the head of the addressee organization, its full name and postal address. Note that, as to every official document to the query requirements of literacy, correct spelling and logical presentation of the text.
Titling the document as "Application" or "Request". In the title part, if you are an individual, enter your surname, name and patronymic, residential address and contact phone numbers, e-mail address. The more information you provide, the more quickly you can wait for a response.
Treatment should start with the words "Dear Ivan Ivanovich!", putting a name and a patronymic of the head of the organization-the addressee. This information you can look on the Internet or ask for their receipt in the Secretariat of this organization.
In the body of the request must specify the purpose for which you require the requested information. If this information does not apply to commercial or state secrets, not against the law to provide personal data, you may expect a response.
In that case, if the information was not provided within the time provided by law or internal documents of the organization regulating the processes of record keeping, write the query a second time, putting in the text that it is secondary. If this response time does not arrive, you should file a complaint with the parent organizationonly then you will be able to go to court with a complaint for not providing the requested information.