Write a statement handwritten on a standard sheet of A4 format. In the upper right corner, specify the details of the recipient (company name, position, surname and initials of the head), which will be passed to your statement. Supporting the document format in terms of filling up the details of the type of "to" and "from", enter your own name, location and contact phone number.
For internal document management, in a statement written by the employee of the company, except for the surname, name and patronymic should be in the details to indicate their own position and structural unit of the enterprise.
The title of the document "Statement" place it in the center of the sheet.
How to write a <b>statement</b> <strong>name</strong> <em>Director</em>
In the content of the statements describe the essence of the statement starting with the words "Please". Further in detail, but concisely as possible, describe the situation. Be sure to include the date and circumstances from which to expect the positive decision on results of your treatment. Offer a solution to your problem, which seems most appropriate for execution.
How to write a <b>statement</b> <strong>name</strong> <em>Director</em>
In the final part, specify the facts constituting the basis for the preparation of appeals to the leadership of the organization. In the case that the statement will be accompanied by additional documents (preferably copies), list them under "Applications".
Sign the document and put the signature, indicating the decryption (surname and initials).
How to write a <b>statement</b> <strong>name</strong> <em>Director</em>