You will need
  • computer;
  • - text editor;
  • printer or e-mail.
The first line of the letter must specify at least the name of the organization. Ideally, this should be a specific person with a name and position, but, in principle, optional. Any organization will understand in whose competence the matter for which you are applying, and give, anyone should.
Even if you are forwarding the message to the first person, not the fact that it will read it. Most likely will paint on subordinates.
Specify who you are. If you are applying on behalf of the organization, it is best to use letterhead and the name and position specify in the signature. In case you are an individual, it will be enough surname, name and patronymic and address. For more immediate contact can provide the telephone number, email and other methods of communication.
In the title of a substantial part of his letter specify what type it is: a request for information (ask if answer to certain questions), complaint, claim or complaint letter (applicable if we are talking about the violation by representatives of your rights, in particular, a customer), the offer (including the offer). Possible option for "treatment".
The line below it is advisable to specify the subject, briefly formulating the essence of what you wish to ask, whose actions, employees of any division of the organization consider inappropriate, etc.
When sending e-mails do not neglect for this purpose also the Subject field. Because of its content depends on whether the letter is read or killed.
Tell the recipient what prompted you to ask him. If this incident, put all its circumstances: what actions made against you, consider unlawful what legislation they, in your opinion contrary.
If something is offered, state the implications of the proposals will focus attention on the benefits they could obtain from its adoption the recipient of their strengths, having order value.
If you ask the state organization for clarification, it is sufficient to refer to the Constitution and the law "On the procedure of consideration of citizens of the Russian Federation".
In General, act according to circumstances.
Describe the essence of what you are asking (after all this is the goal with which to write your message): the measures which you expect and believe is sufficient for the realization of their rights, list the questions that I would like to get an answer, etc.
If the letter is associated with a conflict situation and to the organization of the culprit, will not be superfluous to list the measures in case of receipt of unmotivated refusal or neglect of the letter. For example, filing a lawsuit in court and demand compensation of moral harm.
At the end of it. If you are applying as an individual, enough of the mural (on paper) and date. If as a representative of the organization will be required indicating the position and names with initials.