Call the firm in which you are going to. Introduce yourself to the Secretary and ask to specify the surname, name and patronymic of the head, and how correctly is called his position. If you don't have accurate data, at the same time find out the full company name, address or email Inbox.
An ordinary letter , write in accordance with the GOST R 6.30-2003 and use the form of your enterprise and standard sheets of white paper. The first time it is better to contact the Director of the company with the usual letterm, and not by e-mail, where there is a probability that your message gets into the Spam folder and will not reach the addressee.
Be sure to start the text of the letter with the address "Dear sir (or Madam)" and specify the full name and patronymic of the Director. No reductions in circulation is not allowed – write the name of the position and all the regalia of the head, if any, completely.
In the email subject line or in the special field on letterhead, write the title of your post. It needs to reflect the essence of your message and be catchy and attractive enough for the person who wants to see the letter. For the recipient of a large amount of correspondence, and the Director is such a person, the title or subject of the message greatly simplifies the processing and sorting. On the heading of your letter can remember later and quickly find it.
Main text of the letter begin with the assumption of a compliment. This will show that your choice of destination is not random, and you clearly know who you are writing to and what he does for this company. Respond flattering about this company as a solid and reliable partner, let us Express the hope that you have long-term relationships, useful and beneficial for both companies.
The essence of the letter state briefly, cite specific figures and references. Remember that the smaller the volume, the greater the likelihood that the letter will be read by the end. Avoid unnecessary words, common phrases, unnecessary adjectives and words-parasites. Do not use a categorical expression or words and phrases that may be perceived as Directive.