Your right to refuse the parcel stipulated in paragraph 45 of the RF Government Decree №221 dated 15.04.2005 "On approval of rules of provision of postal services". It says that you or your representative may refuse the mailing of any category. For evidence of failure make a note on the notice of delivery. In that case, if you refuse to do this, such a mark may put the employee of the liaison office.
If the parcel is an international mail, will notify its refusal to the customs office that sent the notice of the customs administration.
In the case where the parcel has been delivered the goods acquired by distance sale, for example, bought in the online store, the action takes the Federal law "On protection of consumer rights". According to article 26.1, you have the right to cancel the purchase at any time before you receive the goods. If the product is found to be of poor quality or does not fit you, the return is made within 7 days. In case of refusal of the parcel to receive, you may require to return that amount of payment. In this case it will be deducted from the costs associated with delivery and sending of parcels.
The shipment of a parcelsent Express delivery (EMS) shall be paid by the sender. Such packages give up by making a mark on the notice. No penalties from the "Mail of Russia" for refusal is not provided, but they may be provided in the contract of sale. Therefore, read carefully this document before making an order.
"Mail of Russia" is also guided by a document called "the Order of reception, shipping and delivery domestic parcel post". In section 4.3 it is stated that in case of impossibility of delivery of parcels, it is stored in the post office for a month and then sent to the sender back. If the sender refuses to pay for the shipment, it is sent for temporary storage in unclaimed. Ie you can just ignore the package was delivered and not be behind him in the mail.