You will need
  • - registered letter without inventory investments;
  • - valuable parcel without inventory investments;
  • - registered letter or parcel with a list of attachments (if you send a notarized photocopy of it, as it is not prohibited for shipment).
If you want to send the original passport, you can do this by registered letter without inventory investments, but this method does not guarantee that the document will reach in one piece.
To send passport by registered mail, buy mail envelope, intended for ordinary mail, sign the address of the addressee who should receive your passport, provide your address and both zip. Seal the letter, give the postal operator, will pay for the shipment.
The second option is to send the passport by mail is to put it in a valuable parcel without specifying that it is the basic document proving the identity. As in the first and in the second case, Russian post is not responsible for the delivery of the document and informing the operator that you produce the shipment of your passport, your mail will simply refuse to send, as according to the rules of shipment of any documents mail is prohibited.
To shipment is permitted only notarized photocopy of the passport, you can send it officially registered letter with the investment inventory, or valuable parcel a list of contents. All shipments with a list of attachments will be accepted only postal operator in the clear, since made a careful inspection of the forwarded values, and then the operator glues the envelope or parcel. This shipping method ensures that your notarized photocopy of the passport will reach in one piece.