You will need
  • parcel, post office
Cod is a type of mailing, which is paid not by the sender but by the recipient. If you want to send someone valuable cargo, logs or disks cash on delivery can easily solve the problem with the payment, since it includes not only the cost of the shipment, but the full value of the parcel. So pre-arrange with the recipient that will send a parcel that is cod, make sure to obtain consent and ensure that the time of arrival of the parcel he will be on site and will be able to get it. If the addressee does not take his departure within the period specified, the parcel will return back to you and pay for it accordingly, you will too.
The shipment of cod parcels consists of two stages. The first stage is the actual sending of the packet. You are doing an inventory indicating the value of the investment. When sending, you must fill out two forms: one to a packet, and a second money transfer from the buyer. Don't forget that the maximum weight of packages not to exceed 2 kg, and the sum of length, width and height of the box should not be more than 0.9 m. Carefully fill in the forms on the package and only specify the exact address and postcode. If your parcel is long to wander through post offices, the cost could increase significantly.
Now a few words about the value of such parcels for the buyer. The calculation is made on the basis of the following parameters: declared value of parcel, its weight and distance of shipment. The tariff for sending cod – 4 kopecks for each rouble of the declared value of the parcel. That is, if the original cost 100 rubles, the cost of shipping cash on delivery will be 4 rubles. In addition to this added cost of sending parcels to the place of receipt. This amount will need to pay you when sending, but the recipient will pay it again, together with the total cost of the shipment, so after a while, money for the administration to pay off. In addition, the recipient makes you a money transfer for the goods received by post, and also pays a fee for postal transfer of money and several tax charges.