You will need
  • box;
  • - forms;
  • - fountain pen;
  • - the passport.
Purchase at the post office the right size box. Mail rules allow and the other package parcels, but postal workers sometimes interpret these rules in their own way. To avoid misunderstandings, consult with the operators of your office, how best to pack the parcel, if the standard box is not suitable for you.
Place is designed for shipment of items in the selected box. So items do not move inside the package, fill the void with old Newspapers, rags, bubble wrap, foam, etc But do not overdo it – a box with a "swollen" sides you have to shipment will not be accepted.
Tape box with tape, or email you will force him to pull out or buy a new box. Under the current rules, adhesive tape on the package can only be special – with the symbols of the Russian post and the name of the post office of the sender. This tape your box will be sealed by the operator during inspection.
Complete the accompanying form of package in accordance with the sample (f.116). Enter the amount which you estimate to be forwarded items. Below mark "Poste restante" and write the name of the recipient completely. Be sure to specify the exact postcode of the post office where the recipient will receive the parcel. Write the name of its locality (district, area, Republic – if required).
Sample filling in the accompanying form
Complete the sender information – write your name and address with postcode. Enter the details of your passport. Signature. Below, in the notice, re-enter the recipient's details. Don't forget to put a note "on demand".
Complete similarly, information about the sender and recipient in the appropriate boxes on the mail box. Or fill out the address label (JF 7-p), its operator will paste on the package. Their passport details on the box or the label should not be specified.
Fill pattern address label
Pass the parcel, the completed form/forms and your passport to the post office clerk. Wait until he checks the correctness of all details, seal and weigh your package, calculate the amount of payment. Pay for the service and be sure to take your passport and receipt.
Inform the recipient of the 14-digit identification number specified on the check. This number is the addressee (or you yourself) will have to track the parcel – it can be done on the website of the Russian post. If no one will pick up your package within one month, it will send back to you.