You will need
  • - notice;
  • - the passport.
Discovered in the mailbox of the form of notice can be filled at home. It is necessary to indicate your surname, name and patronymic, passport details.
Data on registration are specified only in the case when the address to which you sent the parcel, is different from where you registered at the place of residence.
Don't forget to also sign in the right place. Better, however, to do this directly in mail, when you are sure that the packaging has no signs of opening.
Wait your turn to the desired window and show the operator the completed notice and passport.
When you bring the package, make sure everything is in order: the packaging is no obvious tampering, damage. When available wouldn't hurt to open it up to check if everything is in place.
In this case it would be better if the sender to tell you exactly what you send and in what quantity. Even the best guarantee will be the inventory of attachments.Same for you will be optimal to take care of how to carry the contents of the home after the autopsy. For example, to bring a large bag or package.
If there are no comments, you have to sign where necessary, and carry received a parcel home.