If you decide to return money for the bought in Internet-shop the goods, you should know that the process of cancellation and return of Bank charges may be lengthy and complex. If you have not received a paid order, contact the Bank that owns your card and write a statement contesting the write-off of money from the account. Attach to the application a document confirming your order in the Internet-shop.
Proceeding with the payment system may take from 45 to 90 days after the end of this time you declare that satisfied your request for return of money or not. In some cases, the refund you may be refused – for example, if the delivery period has not expired, or if the product was received by customer.
In addition, you need to carefully review the contract on servicing of payment cards. In some banks, one of the conditions of contract is the inability to challenge the payments made in the Internetthat is, In this case, you need to contact the store and require delivery of similar goods, citing his demands advanced payment and the lack of previously ordered product.
If you have already received your desired item in the mail, but for some reason want to give it up and return it to the Internetstore, read the terms and conditions of the refund that each store sets their own. Do not pull with the desire to refuse the goods is usually to return the product within a week or two after purchase. Funds for the purchased thing online-store returns within a few weeks, minus the shipping costs of the goods.
Keep in mind that to return money for the goods purchased in Internet-shop, always challenging, so carefully consider every purchase, and always try to see the conditions that run the Internetstore, and with the agreement of the Bank with whom you work.