You will need
  • The Internet.
Order cancellation in online stores is made in accordance with article 26 of the law "On protection of consumers' rights. It States that the buyer can refuse the goods ordered at any time before he got it. As a rule, the cancellation is painted on the website of the online store. Go to the website where you ordered the product and read the sections "Question-answer", "Ordering", "ordering process" and other similar. If you found instructions on how to cancel the order online, follow it.
To cancel an order the easiest way at the time of its formation, when it has not been shipped. In this case, the store tab in your "Basket" click the "Cancel" button or a special icon to cancel the order.
To cancel an already issued and sent order, go to "my account" on the website of the online store. Click "Cancel" or "Cancel order", if such service is provided. After that, call the Manager of the store specified on the "Contact" page and inform us about the cancellation order. Enter your order number. The number can be found in the "dashboard" or in the letter sent to your email after you sent the order.
If the online store does not provide self-cancellation in your Personal office, please contact the store by email address which should be listed on the website, or call the Manager on the phone. These methods are effective, if your item hasn't been sent to your address.
If the product is on the way, the charges are to be paid upon receipt, you cannot cancel the order, until he comes to you. Upon receipt do not open the parcel with the product and discard it. The opt-out procedure depends on how and where you will get the order. You may need to apply for a refund. Pay shipping and then contact the Manager of the online store.
If the money order is already paid and order sent, repeat the procedure described in the fifth paragraph. The money for the goods the seller is obliged to return within one to three business days. The shipping cost will be deducted from the order total.