You will need
  • - email notification (or notice);
  • - the passport.
If you are the recipient of the parcel, after the postman will hand you a notice mail (form 22). When you receive a notice of administration must be filled accordingly. On the front side you do not need to write. All this work was performed by the sender. You only need to check the details of the recipient of the correspondence, that is, your name, address along with the index, type of package (letter, notice, parcel, parcel or postal order). The following is information for post office employees: the number of the post ID or postal order. And below again the details for you, from which it is clear where it is the administration indicated its value and weight.
The front side of mailing the notice
But the flip side of the notice is intended to directly fill in the recipient. Here you must specify the name of the submitted document proving your identity. Usually for this purpose is a passport. Further, in appropriate boxes, indicate the series, number, issuing authority and date of issue. In the case of receiving mail and money transfer filled in additional fields of notification, registration address or po box. Don't forget to indicate the date of receipt of correspondence or packages and the data: surname, name, patronymic. Finish completing your own painting.
Complete second side to post the notice
If the letter or packet is attached, return receipt requested postage, in addition notice you have to fill out another form. It is needed in the case when the sender wants to be sure that the package reached the addressee. In the notice to the recipient (addressee or his legal representative), you must specify who handed over the shipment. If it is received at the proxy, it should be in a special field to insert the surname, name, patronymic of the representative to whom the proxy was issued, and present a document proving the identity. Then specify the date and sign the receipt.
If the message is from you, then on the face of the notice, specify a category and a post, putting a sign in the appropriate boxes. Next, name your data: surname, name, patronymic, enter the address, and the category of notification: a "Simple", "Custom". On the flip side you need to fill, which should be determined by type and category of the forwarded mail; personal information of the recipient and his address.