Advice 1: How much is stored the package in the mail

In the Department of "Mail of Russia" the parcel will be stored for 30 days from the moment of its arrival. Once the shipment arrives at the office, the employees immediately write a notice to the recipient. After 5 days a notice is sent to the secondary. If the recipient never appears, the parcel is sent back, the sender must pay all additional costs.
How much is stored the package in the mail

The rules of receiving parcels and delivery notices

The work of "Mail of Russia" is governed by "Rules of rendering of postal services". According to them, to receive the parcel, you need to show the document proving the identity. Then the recipient must complete a receipt, which must specify its data and actual residence address, if it does not match the address of residence. Mail definitely weighed. If everything is in order, then the recipient may pick up the package.

Parcels are not delivered to the house. Instead, from the accompanying Blanca off special part, which is called notice. Sign it in the office, and then postmen carry such notices, leaving them in the cells of the post cabinets in subscription boxes or in mailboxes at the addresses to which packages were sent.

Rules of storage of parcels

Storing mail in the postal division made within one month (30 calendar days). If all this time the addressee of the parcel did not come, it is sent back. The sender must obtain it by paying additional costs associated with re-shipment. If he refuses to pick up the package and pay the additional costs, it temporarily goes to the list of unclaimed mail and some time is still stored in the Department or elsewhere (depending on the dimensions of the parcel, its contents, if known, and many other factors).

If the recipient is not the parcel after the second notice, the office may start to charge interest. However, there is a rule that the notice must be handed over personally to the addressee, and signed by him. In practice, the secondary notice, usually just leave in the mailbox. Currently, many of the liaison offices of "Mail of Russia" has ceased to charge interest.

The rules of receiving parcels

If the package contains an inventory, when delivery to the addressee of the shipment is opened and checked in the presence of the addressee and employee offices. The addressee may waive the opening and inspection, then the address on the form accompanying the shipment, make a special mark about it.

If in opening the parcel contains not all indicated in the list, and also if the shipment is damaged or spoiled, it shall be drawn in form 51-V. It is signed by the head of the liaison office. Just compiled 4 copy of the act. The first award recipient, the second sent to the place where the parcel was accepted, third, to the Director of transit of postal facility where the package came into the post office. Prepared a case on this administration, and it is the fourth instance.

If the parcel is cash on delivery, before paying the receipt, the addressee has the right to ask who sent her and why.

Advice 2 : How much is stored in the mail a certified letter

Sending correspondence by registered mail realize when you need to send important documents, securities, various certificates and forms. The cost of such postage is higher than usual, but there are certain guarantees that the recipient gets it, right.
The registration of a registered letter

What is a certified letter

A registered letter is correspondence that is sent after registration of documents confirming the responsibility of the postal service for the delivery and security of content. If the mail is lost or damaged, employees who have admitted it, will incur the appropriate penalty and will be required to indemnify the sender or the addressee.

The postage for a registered letter will be charged to the consignor in accordance with tariffs set by the provider. The amount of payment depends on the weight and size of shipment, distance to the region where it will be delivered and method of delivery. Air shipments will cost a bit more than those that will be delivered by road.

The procedure for the storage and delivery of a registered letter

When you receive a registered letter at the post office serving the area or locality where the recipient, employees fill out a notice in the prescribed form and transmit it to the recipient. Notice is delivered to the address specified by the sender, and placed in the Inbox.

After receiving notice of receipt of registered mail in his name, the recipient is required to report to the post office with a document confirming his identity and a mark of place of residence.

Mail a custom type can be stored in the post office up to 30 days. Letters with a mark "judicial" are not stored longer than 7 days, and then shall be returned to the sender marked "addressee did not appear for the letter".

In order that the letter was delivered to the shipping address it should be marked "to be delivered personally to the addressee, and the notice to him, the courier or the postman leaves only if it's not there.

The procedure of registration and sending of a registered letter

Guarantee of delivery of registered mail depends primarily on the correctness of its design. To send such a letter must be presented at the post office a passport or other identity document.

Employees of the post office provides the sender of the envelope corresponding to the size of attachments. After inventorying the attachment and place the content into the envelope and sealed it closed, it is assigned an identification number that is recorded in all the accompanying documents. The letter must be weighed to estimate its cost and the cost of delivery.

The sender receives a receipt of payment, which must be the number of departure, the time and date when it was adopted by the postal worker. Identification number of the letter in consequence it is possible to track the path of its movement.
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