You will need
  • - packing the shipment (purchased at the post office or other);
  • address of a recipient;
  • - calculation of the total value of their costs.
To send a parcel cod, you have to go to the nearest post office. Mail is accepted Packed, except send a list of attachments. You can do this as home or office, in a warehouse etc., and directly in the mail. There are boxes of various sizes for packing parcels and other items provided with fields for recipient and sender.
The post ask the employees of the office form for shipments cod. Fill it in, enter the payment amount.
Your costs for postal services will depend on the amount of cod and the distance that the parcel is being sent. Figure out what you must be this amount to you in the end did not get the cost of the goods sent or even less. If necessary, consult with the postal workers.
Select the way of making money: by postal transfer or settlement account, for example, an entrepreneur or a legal entity. Depending on the preferred option, type in the desired address, or Bank details.

Option of receiving the money on account is preferred for business entities that do not use the cash register. When you receive money through the Bank to them will not arise questions from tax authorities.
Do the inventory investment for such shipments is optional, but desirable. If you prefer to hedge against possible excesses, fill in blanks and sign the inventory upon delivery of the parcel to the operator of the liaison office. One copy of the inventory remains with you, the other inside the parcel will go to the recipient.

The operator can also help you to seal the parcel.
Taking the parcel and payment of postal services, the operator is obliged to provide the sender a receipt. Keep her to receive money.