Please specify whether you have the right to return any product. This may be the case that the product was defective. Also the reason may be that the thing does not come to you in color, size or style. But keep in mind that some stores distance trade the state use this opportunity and reduce the repayment period, but not the right of the goods to one week instead of two, as installed for normal stores. In the same way as when you buy in the store, you will not be able to return high-quality linens, electrical products, medicines.
Contact the organization from whom you acquired the goods. At the post office to demand the return of payments does not make sense - it just provides the money transfer.
If you are waiting for a reply to request for refund or you are refused, contact the consumer protection. It is desirable that you have sohranili the documents confirming the fact of purchase, e.g. receipt on the conduct of cod. In this case, you will be able to defend their rights, if necessary even in court.
With the consent of the company to refund you discuss unlovability. It is easiest if the office of the organization is located. In this case, you money can pass even cash. If there is no such office, you can ask to transfer your money to Bank account or send money order. At the same time you will be able to discuss the conditions under which the seller will be able to pick up your goods, poor quality or nepodochetni client.