Some Orthodox icons hanging directly above the headboard. So it is possible a more efficient use of cramped space, with racks do not interfere with, and to sleep under the shadow of the shrines much nicer and calmer.
Icons do not have to hang on the wall. They can be placed on a dedicated shelf. But if a lot of icons, it is better to hang them on the wall, observing some simple rules. If the icons in your room are hung asymmetrically, haphazardly and without any thought out composition, it will certainly cause a feeling of discomfort and dissatisfaction with the placement of the icons, the desire to change it. And this is very disturbing and distracts from prayer.
Icons are also possible and even necessary to place in other rooms. The kitchen is to hang the icon. Be sure to place in the nursery the icon of the guardian angel or patron Saint of the child. According to tradition, was hung over the entrance to the apartment or the house icon of the Holy virgin. But now it can be replaced with any other icon or cross.
By the way, placing icons in your apartment or home, please note that they should not stand or hanging together with other paintings (even on Bible topics) or elements of everyday life. Misplaced icons in bookcases, close to toys, cosmetics, photos of family members, statues. Do not place icons next to the posters of politicians, stars of show business, athletes and other celebrities.
Infrequently, but still have to see the icons on the walls or on the shelves of pictures of the Holy fathers, monks, elders. It is canonically valid because the photograph captures a specific moment of the earthly life of a man, even a Church or even numbered subsequently canonized. The icon represents it in the icon of the Saint, in his transformed, glorified state. Of course, the presence of such pictures in the home is not canceled. But to put or hang up pictures need apart from the icons.