Try to place the icon in the Eastern corner of the room or on the East wall of the building. According to the Bible it was in the East lit the star of Bethlehem and there shall come the sign of the second coming. If this is not possible, simply choose a location that will be visible from the doorway of the room. Around him should be enough space to during the joint prayer of the believers (if there are several in the house) did not touch each other, not crowded in front. Avoid stir the icon next to the symbols of secular life paintings, posters, wall decorations. Not a valid neighborhood icons and household appliances, especially TV and computer.It is best to put the icon on specially for it suspended the shelf because next to it, there may be other religious items such as candles, a bottle of Holy water, chrism, sometimes next to the icon put palm, birch or willow branches, flowers. Besides, it is customary to hang one icon, but several Central with the face of the Savior at the right hand of her icon of the virgin and child. Kyoto in the home are often present wedding icons, icons with the Saints members of the family, clan or house icon. It is also worth considering that before the icon or icons should illuminate the lamp, illuminating the faces of the saints. Home crowns the iconostasis, the cross.Often believers are not limited to an icon or more in only one room, and place them in each room. Hanging separately icons to decorate embroidered towels. Include them also in the red corner, so that they were visible from everywhere in the room. You can put the icon on the bookshelf, but only on the condition that it, and all over the bookcase, kept religious literature and secular books – novels, textbooks, reference books, etc. is Unacceptable to put the icons in so-called "roller coaster", let it even kept the front and expensive porcelain figurines.Orthodox Christians pray before and after meals, so the dining room or the kitchen, if the family eats there, you should also place the icon of the Savior.