Should know where should be icons in the apartment. When you call the person with the prayer he should face the East. Following this tradition, the Eastern wall of the room is the right place for the location of the icons. However, not always the layout of the apartment can afford to do it, as on the East side can accommodate the window. Do not put the icon next to the window and the radiator, it will lead to its deterioration due to the heat and draughts.
There is nothing wrong, if you place icons in another location of the room, as sincere prayer will still be heard, no matter in what place the Holy image hanging. In front of the icon should be enough free space to the worshipers could take in their thoughts and requests without being distracted with distress and inconvenience.
Next to the icons should not be secular books, TV, posters, figurines, calendars and paintings. In front of icons put or hang the lamp. The image of the Lord God must be in the real light Shine and remind you of his light in heaven. Light a candle during prayer and the eve of holidays. Sundays and holidays are divine leave it to burn throughout the day.
Place the rounded icon at the head of the bed to keep quiet sleep, filling it with pure thoughts. The icon can be placed in the hallway above the entrance to the house, and in the living room, and even in the kitchen (so you can pray before or after eating). Hang an icon of the Guardian angel in the children's room, she will keep your favorite child.
Remember, you should not hang icons of the saints higher than the image of the virgin with the infant in her arms and Savior. Above them can be placed only to the Holy Trinity. The icon of the Savior should be to the right of the person praying, accordingly, the virgin on the left. Images of the other saints should be placed lower in the hierarchy.