Icons are sold not only in the Church but also in secular stores, souvenir shops; bought in this location, the image will consecrate the Church. If the icon you have acquired in the Church, she is already sanctified.
Look for icons such place to in front of her had a lot of free space, and the whole family could fit for prayer. Place it on a shelf or hang on the wall.
Note that during the prayer it is customary to face East, so it is advisable to hang an icon on the East wall. The best place for icons in the red corner, that is, the Eastern or the right of the entrance.
You should try to place in the house of the icon of the Savior and the Theotokos, the icon of the Savior should be placed on the right and the Theotokos on the left. Images of saints, venerated in your area, place below the icon of the Trinity, the virgin, the Saviour, the apostles. Well, if you have the opportunity to crown your iconostasis of the Orthodox cross.
Place icons in a separate location, away from other items. It is not necessary to place them in bookcases or on a shelf of the cupboard, if there are books of non-religious content, cosmetics, pictures, toys, etc.
Before you hang the icon on the wall, remove all paintings, posters, singers, athletes and other figures. Even photos of priests or monks, paintings on biblical subjects is unnecessary.
Be sure to hang an icon in the kitchen or in the dining room that the family members always had the opportunity to pray before meals. Also, the icon can be placed in the bedroom or any other room, the main thing that in front of her and a prayer was lifted up.
Above the entrance, place the icon of the Holy virgin or any other. Can also hang an icon in the headboard.