Select for home iconostasisand the Eastern wall of the house. If this is difficult, icons can be placed any easily accessible place where they can gather for prayer several people.
Make sure that next to the iconostasisom not standing household appliances: TV, stereo, computer, and there were no photographs, posters and paintings of a secular character.
Decorate the iconostasis with fresh flowers or sprigs of willow. Should not be placed next to the icons cacti and other thorny plants.
Traditionally, home iconostasiss framed embroidered hand-towels. You can hang next to images of temples, tranquil scenery and views of the Holy Land.
Please note that the icon is better positioned on a hard surface, and not to hang them on the wall. Before the iconostasis was taken to place in a special locker – case. It can replace the conventional bookshelf. The main thing – to books on it were only theological.
Position before the home iconostasisOhm lamp. It should be lit during prayers, on Sundays and all Church holidays.
Home iconostasisand the obligatory image of the virgin and the Savior. You should purchase the icons of his saints (the names of which are named the family members) and the most revered of St. Nicholas who is the patron of children, mothers, unjustly wronged, as well as patients, prisoners and travellers.
If you want to create a complete iconostasis, it is necessary to complement it with images of the Holy evangelists, Elijah the prophet, the Archangels Gabriel and Michael, St. John the Baptist, healer Panteleimon and icons on Church holidays.
There are some strict rules for the layout of the icons in the home iconostasise to be followed. Place in the center a picture of the Savior (it's size should be the biggest). Left place the virgin with the baby, as is customary in classical iconostasisAbove the E. you can have only a Crucifix or an icon of the Holy Trinity. The rest of the images position just below or at the sides of the main icons. The whole iconostasis is made to marry the cross.
If you have multiple rooms, place the home iconostasis in the largest. But the rest should definitely hang on the icon, and on the door jambs – crosses.