Icon, located in the house that can make the atmosphere more bright and blissful, as well as in some cases it can even prevent misfortune threatening the owners of the house. However, on the location in a residential area of the ancient icons of people's opinions is not so clear. Say that can be dangerous to keep her in the house. What is the danger?"

Why people are afraid to keep at home the old icons?

From the point of view of esotericism, any thing with "history" carries the strongest energy and "remembers" all the events – both positive and negative – that occurred with her former owners. Of course, that old icon for the period of its existence has changed many hands; besides, our ancestors always thought of icons as sacred objects that only adds to coming from things like vibration. It is believed that not every person is able to cope with the energy flows, which broadcasts old icon, debilitated or weak in the faith of the people such a thing in the house can be harmful.

For this reason the priests of the Orthodox Church have a clear opinion about what the icon of the house in any case is the source only of goodness and light, and in any case not able to harm anyone. Such arguments are priests considered heresy and tough enough to stop them. On the contrary, the old icon is more "sacred" than modern, and therefore even more must be the object of veneration.

The risks to the one who keeps the old icon at home?

The owner of the old icons actually can be in danger, but it has nothing to do with the actions of Higher powers. The fact that written decades or even centuries ago, the icon has a huge cost, and some people want to have such a rarity in their private collections, can go to great lengths for this. The owner of this icon runs the risk of losing it at any moment if the attackers climb into his house. If by unhappy coincidence, someone from the family members at this moment will be at home, it can happen irreparable, because the value of old icons very large and in this regard, the robber is able to go at all.

Really from stored in your home Shrine, you need to eliminate in order not to bring trouble on yourself and your family? Of course not. Just less abundantly on what relic have in your possession, and provide decent protection for your home. Very effective and quite inexpensive, for example, to contract with a security company – in this case, when unauthorized entry into your home within a few minutes a man in uniform will come and detain intruders. The preservation of the icon and transfer it to their descendants – it is the duty of a true believer.