You will need
  • frame;
  • - the outline;
  • - stationery;
  • - decorative jewelry.
Salaries accepted to cover the icon boards are not only for decoration but also for a better preservation of the letters on them. After all, the old Russian icons are exposed to aggressive influence of modern atmosphere, ultraviolet light, humidity, and dust. To remove salaries from the famous icons have the right only to expert restorers.
Early garments were made of silver and gold, and decorated them with beads, pearls and precious stones. The salary was one of the types of applied art and became an integral feature of the Russian Church. Religion means shining garments of heavenly light emanating from the icon. Silver means clean clothes, and gold - God's grace. The image of the most significant icons consist exclusively of precious stones and pearls. That is why the salaries and vestments so often become objects of desire for crooks and thieves.
Salaries are solid and patterned. Solid (dropped) garments represent coinage, with a convex pattern. Patterned garments are composed of several parts assembled to each other.
The salaries drawn icons Christians and Catholics. Handsome salary for home icons can be made from threads, beads. Prepare a wooden frame, size matching with your icon. Pull it the fabric, pin it buttons to the side bar.
Using tracing paper sisuite the contour of the face and hands of your icons. Move the picture to canvas.
Think beautiful pattern design salary. Embroider it with bright colored threads. The style of embroidery depends on your desire. You can satin stitch, cross-stitch or beads. Do not embroider on the places where you will see the face and hands of the icon. Adorn the crown of the robe beads.
Carefully cut the places the face and hands of the icon. The edges of the canvas and secure with PVA glue. Allow the glue to dry.
Remove the salary from the frame, gently put it on the icon, aligning all of the sections. Fix the salary on the back of the icon with tape or glue. Place or hang an icon with a salary in place.