Advice 1: How to make the icon

Coming to the Church, involuntarily pay attention to the beautiful design of the icons. Of white or yellow metal made embossed hammered jewelry, dresses, furnishings. Decoration overlaid on simple icons so that you can see only the face and hands of the Holy martyrs. These ornaments are called salary or Rees.
How to make the icon
You will need
  • frame;
  • - the outline;
  • - stationery;
  • - decorative jewelry.
Salaries accepted to cover the icon boards are not only for decoration but also for a better preservation of the letters on them. After all, the old Russian icons are exposed to aggressive influence of modern atmosphere, ultraviolet light, humidity, and dust. To remove salaries from the famous icons have the right only to expert restorers.
Early garments were made of silver and gold, and decorated them with beads, pearls and precious stones. The salary was one of the types of applied art and became an integral feature of the Russian Church. Religion means shining garments of heavenly light emanating from the icon. Silver means clean clothes, and gold - God's grace. The image of the most significant icons consist exclusively of precious stones and pearls. That is why the salaries and vestments so often become objects of desire for crooks and thieves.
Salaries are solid and patterned. Solid (dropped) garments represent coinage, with a convex pattern. Patterned garments are composed of several parts assembled to each other.
The salaries drawn icons Christians and Catholics. Handsome salary for home icons can be made from threads, beads. Prepare a wooden frame, size matching with your icon. Pull it the fabric, pin it buttons to the side bar.
Using tracing paper sisuite the contour of the face and hands of your icons. Move the picture to canvas.
Think beautiful pattern design salary. Embroider it with bright colored threads. The style of embroidery depends on your desire. You can satin stitch, cross-stitch or beads. Do not embroider on the places where you will see the face and hands of the icon. Adorn the crown of the robe beads.
Carefully cut the places the face and hands of the icon. The edges of the canvas and secure with PVA glue. Allow the glue to dry.
Remove the salary from the frame, gently put it on the icon, aligning all of the sections. Fix the salary on the back of the icon with tape or glue. Place or hang an icon with a salary in place.
Useful advice
Always observe the rules of storage of icons. Do not expose them to sudden changes in temperature, protect them from strong sunlight and draughts, do not put them on the floor, often examine icons for timely detection of damage. Remember, icons are good and faith.

Advice 2 : How to embroider icons

Among the various types of needlework, especially embroidery, is a special type of creativity – ecclesiastical embroidery. Many believers craftswomen embroider thread for the outline of the icon, not inferior to the real scenic beauty of the icons, and beautiful paintings with embroidered stories and faces of icons, can be as decoration of temples and decoration for your own home. In our days the interest in the embroidery of icons reborn, and all the more common masters, who are able to recreate on canvas a complex and beautiful image of the Church. As in the case with beautiful icons, embroidered icons are created in several stages, about which we will tell you in this article.
How to embroider icons
The basis for the embroidery is sturdy wooden frame with a stretched fabric on it – just as the wooden Board is the basis of scenic icons. Position horizontal frame for embroidery and do not move her in the process. Frame preparation is the first stage of the work.
The second stage consists in selecting suitable fabric, you will pull on the frame. The choice of canvas depends on what technique you will work, and if you are going to fill the whole canvas embroidery, choose linen or calico. If embroidery will be visible colored background, use the silk and velvet, beneath which stretched the lining fabric to give it strength.
Pulling the canvas to the frame and securing it well, proceed to the third stage – transfer to the fabric pattern that you will embroider. It can be applied directly to the fabric and attach the paper pattern to the fabric, and then stitch small hand stitches through the contours of the figure, and then remove the paper.
In the next phase of work, after the pattern already outlined on the canvas, select thread for embroidery. Embroidery icons only fit silk thread silk embroidery has a beautiful shimmer and shimmers in the light, decorating the icon, and embroiderer can vary the angle of each stitch to change the angle of light reflection from the embroidery.
At this stage you need to start embroidery, and here you have to choose different techniques applying stitches to the fabric, most suitable for various fragments of the picture. Use a seam "split" for heavy sewing, embroidering straight or twisted thread to change the texture of the canvas.
Embroidering clothing and the folds of the fabric in the picture, use a twisted thread of greater thickness, and embroidering the faces of the Church, use the thinnest silk. Seam "split" is only valid for the present embroidery icons – all other seams divide the image into fragmented stitches, and the icon must be solid and inseparable.
In Church embroidery filling leaf with a silk thread also is complemented with beading and pearls that can be used for a rich salary of the icon.
In the last step of the embroidery from the wrong side cover with mixture of flour and mustard that will stick by her and protect from harmful influences. Then, after waiting for drying of the paste, remove the hard embroidery from the frame and place it under the glass.

Advice 3 : How to embroider icons cross

Embroidering icons, one is freed from the impending mental problems. With each new cross a human consciousness filled with another, spiritually purified life. Icons, created with his own hands, are the most precious gift for you and your family. Because during the work you put into them your feelings, emotions and good intentions. Start to embroider by anyone, it is only important to follow some rules.
How to embroider icons cross
You will need
  • the scheme for embroidery;
  • - thread and needle;
  • - a box of selected size.
Having decided to try to embroider icons , a cross, be sure to visit the Church and get a blessing. To do this go to the priest, folding his hands together. The right hand should lie on top of the left. Say what you want to embroider icons and ask permission to do so. The priest will bless you, putting his hand to you on outstretched hands. Kiss her in gratitude and acceptance of the blessing.
Choose a stitch pattern. It is advisable before you show it to the priest to see whether it is canonical, and will then illuminate. If you are not able to attend the temple frequently, purchase a special book with images of icons by yourself and compare them with the purchased schemes.
Try to choose the scheme in which the face is printed on fabric, and it does not need to draw. This will facilitate your work and will allow us to accurately write the smallest details without any distortion.
During work do not drink alcohol and never swear. It is best to start fast. The ideal time for embroidery icons are considered Orthodox positions. Embroidering, try to think only good thoughts. Icons made by hand, comes a completely different energy, because during the work you put into them a piece of his soul.
Do not embroider in religious holidays, as these days it is customary to turn to God and read spiritual literature, and not work for pleasure. The girls during menstrual cycle better to abandon the embroidery. The fact that in the critical days, from the ecclesiastical point of view, the woman is considered "unclean," and she must not go into the temple and touch anything Holy.
Insert an image in a frame and take it to the Church for the consecration. After that, it will be possible to deliver to the rest of the icons and pray.
If you do not know how to cross-stitch, it is not necessary to learn this art. First, try to master the technique of cross stitch on light landscapes and other paintings, and only then move on to the icons.

Advice 4 : All icons: what that means

Icons one interesting cultural phenomena of the Russian middle ages. Icons are always beside people in difficult times. But the icon is not a talisman. In this symbol there is nothing occult, and at the same time, the icon is a door into the mystery.
Andrei Rublev (1360-е - 1430) -- Троица. Orthodox Icons. Dow…

The background

The Institute of iconography appeared in the old Testament. In Christianity, specifically in the Orthodox faith, the icons were initially wary. But Church images entered in the lives of the majority of the Russian people, and to present the traditional Russian house without icons is difficult.

To say all the icons are unlikely to succeed, a huge number of them, but in Orthodoxy there is a clear gradation of icons in their continuity.

Let's start with the "ranks". In the Church there are several types of holidays. It's the holidays the Great Lord and the Theotokos. The great and Holy.

The twelve are holidays, which in year 12. Each dedicated to some event from the life of Christ and the Theotokos: the Nativity, Ascension, Dormition, etc. of special note is the feast of the Passover. This is a separate celebration that is not even one of the twelve annual, as it were, over all. For every holiday written your way.

The same goes for Great days and memory of the saints. In the icon like in pictures "recorded" events.


Christianity teaches that the icon shows the prototype of who it depicts. And when we worship icons — read it a prototype rather than a drawing.

Usually the icons that we use, are images of saints or angels. On some you can see several saints standing under the Intercession of the virgin or Saviour.

Let's start with the Manor. They are Easter and Troickim. Easter icons show the Resurrection of Christ. But the real Orthodox icons of the Resurrection — the Descent into hell. Because the Savior had just risen, and raised all with Him and saved from eternal damnation. But there are also icons in which Christ is depicted with the banner in his hands.

The Trinity icons — the United religious holidays:
—Epiphany, when Christ was baptized by John the Baptist, and the witnesses heard the voice of the Father and of the Holy spirit in the form of a dove;
—actually, the Trinity, three Angels or the Holy spirit on the apostles;
—Transfiguration, when Christ began to glow with a strange light, brighter than the sun;
—The ascension, when Christ bodily ascended into heaven.

The Birth Of Christ. Still have the presentation of the Lord when the Holy Simeon the God-receiver received the infant Jesus from the hands of Mary. The Exaltation Of The Cross. In the 9th century Cross was found and placed for veneration in Jerusalem.

Theotokos — icons depicting the Nativity of the virgin Mary, Introduction to the temple, Annunciation, assumption. Icons of the Great feasts is the images, which depict well-known saints: Prince Vladimir, the Baptist of Russia, different icons of the virgin, etc.

Probably the most famous and popular icons now — Kazan, Vladimir, Guardian angel. Many people say Bishop Luka Krymsky, a famous Soviet surgeon, of St. the present day. His relics are in the Cathedral in Simferopol.

To speak of Orthodox icons is endless. The best option is to go to the temple and to ask questions to the priest.
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