Constantly intriquite and fascinate their choice again and again. And in any case do not limit yourself to standard female techniques based on change of image: buying a new outfit, visiting a hairdresser, stylist and makeup artist. First and foremost, you should always expand intellectual knowledge. MaleTwin dreams of a friend with whom you can spend hours to discuss all sorts of topics ranging from the true way of the Universe, ending with the subtleties of modern politics. Qualities such as ease in communication, the lack of attitudinal and behavioural stereotypes will allow you to fall in love with this tough macho.
Be serious, responsible, binding, and credible. Similar qualities in a woman extremely important for a representative of this constellation, as he is by nature characterized by impulsivity, irrationality and slight negligence. Your task is to perfectly complement and balance his violent nature. This will be a firm Foundation for fruitful and constructive relations.
Become his faithful military girlfriend to encourage all the safe adventure and cooperative activities. From time to time embark on a journey together, go Hiking and do sports. Remember that your man can not live without exciting adventures, most of which are not planned in advance, and spontaneous nature.
Avoid unnecessary drama in the behavior, control every action. Do not complicate the situation and try not to panic, they find themselves in unforeseen circumstances. Boyfriend-the Twins need a cold-blooded partner, firmly standing on their feet. His character - an educated, intelligent lady who knows how to attract attention by its bright individuality, not vulgar manners. So dress cute and reserved, but always tasteful.