Gemini - born from may 21 to June 20.

The year of the tiger - 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010.

People born under the combination of these two characters, perfectly able to manipulate people. They are able to keep under control any situation. Can benefit from communicating to themselves and others. Born in the year of the Tiger people tend to be around the best. They are persistent, proactive, and do not like to look back. This is often creative and artistic people are well adapted to different circumstances. Twins-Tigers love the diversity and do not tolerate the monotony of the work. Sometimes there are stubborn, quite adventurous and love to travel. These people are not domesticity, but prefer active way of life.

Male Twin Tiger

Those born under these signs of men of active and impetuous in action, love to win. By nature confident, talking loudly, pleasant to talk to. Their cheerfulness and zest for life is transmitted to others. They love to travel and often look for work-related travel. In different situations the men are trying to act in accordance with their experience. But the quality of the business is unstable. They are often taken for many things, but not bring them to their logical conclusion.

Male Twin-the Tiger does not like any restriction of freedom, so to win his heart, a woman needs to know. Tying the knot, the man will be the real master and good father. But being married, Twin-Tiger don't forget your Hobbies and likes to do what he is interested in. In family life, appreciate the understanding.

The Woman's Twin-Tiger

Women born under these signs strong in their actions, they are confident, educated, well-read and intelligent. Such women are able to think logically and analyze, often they make the right decision in different situations. They have great business skills, have endurance and patience. Perfectly manifest themselves in all situations. But the nature of women is quite complex, as they are two completely different extremes: one is activity and passivity. In search of his only life partner, they can quite often change partners. The same situation is with the work. Women born under these signs, do not like routine and monotony, but love to travel. They are confident and sensitive. Manage finances proficiently.