Man-Gemini when dealing with a girl that he cares about, can be quite charming. Difficult not to succumb to his charms, but try to hold out as long as possible. This sign likes to flirt, attract, fall in love. Winning you, he can get bored and decide to move on. Play with it – not repel, but do not try to show that you are in his power. So you support the interest of the Twins.
Gemini does not like to be bored. The standard scenario of Dating is not for them. Instead of going out for coffee, go rollerblading, and view popular melodrama replace the joint yoga classes. Remember the dual nature of Gemini. In a joint pastime, try not to stick to one occupation. Horse ride can be completed with a picnic in the fresh air, before the rock concert you can go to the Museum.
Men Gemini, as little children love to play. This applies both to the bed – playing games of this zodiac sign is likely to perceive a Bang, and everyday life. Support his Hobbies and offer new, predstavite in front of a man in different ways. Co-op computer games will also love the playful Twins.
The twins afraid of the loneliness, but they do not tolerate when someone restricts their freedom. Try to give your man more attention, but do so gently. Invite him for walks, call in and visit your friends during the working day, select a few moments to send him a message. But respect personal space Twins.
Gemini is a sucker for flattery. Say a young man compliments, celebrate his achievements, often tell him how great he is, and then the Twins will be happy with you.