Keep man-RAM in a constant tone, do not let him to relax, life is boring about you. You don't have to overdo it. Especially if your relationship with Aries only tie. Play with him, bringing him too close to me, using the passion and desire, the push, lapping the harsh coldness.
Aries can not stand complaining about life, health, problems, constantly dissatisfied people. Be the complete opposite of these characteristics. Your "skate" in the enthusiasm and the retention of RAM should be optimistic, self-confidence and temperament.
If you are passionate – don't hide this in front of a male Aries. He just appreciates in the woman love for sexual experimentation and constant bed ready. Enhance your intimate relationship. Do not rely only on your partner.
About their appearance you have to work hard. The fact that the representative of this zodiac sign are conservative about appearance, feed yourself and your partner in the community. Too because calling appearance he does not accept. However, in turn, wants the woman beside him was quite bright and good looking.
Aries loves the gifts, and remain such men in the soul children for life. Taking this fact into consideration, derivate his amusing little thing that he will like. But remember that Aries manipulative people, because not rasalaite your Prince frequent prizes.
These men love flattery, compliments, so do not hesitate to say them. However, in response to a pleasant ear to the words do not count. The rams say they are very small, but if you say it will be truly from the heart and soul. A partner will help keep such feminine qualities as passion, romance, femininity, the ability to surprise.