Before starting the preparation of the order on granting vacation, you will receive a statement from the employee. It must be written by hand on the head of the organization. Its contents may be something like this: "In accordance with article 128 of the Labor code of the Russian Federation asking to provide me the leave without pay from 01 March 2011 to 10 March 2010 in connection with family circumstances".
In that case, if the employee wishes to receive leave for any good reason with proof, he should provide copies of the documents. For example, if the vacation is needed in order to go to the resort and to treat health an employee may have to the statement to back up a certificate from a medical institution.
Evaluate the possibility of granting such leave. If Yes, make an order which has a unified form T-6. Complete the "hat" shape. Then put the serial number and date of the administrative document.
Below enter name of employee, personnel number, unit position. Next, write the number of days of leave and the period of providing.
Sign the form and give to familiarize to the employee, which in addition to the signature and must specify the date of signing. Put the blue seal of the organization. Give the order to the accounting Department for further actions.
On the basis of the order check the personal card of the employee, file a copy of the administrative document in the personnel file. Also write the appropriate code in the sheet of accounting of working time