After marriage, the employer must give any employee a leave without pay. This rule is enshrined in current labour legislation, so the company may not refuse the worker in the leisure time. The duration of leave without pay in this case can be up to five calendar days. Some companies have developed internal regulations, conclude collective agreements, which increase the level of assurance to its employees and pay to recreation, provided in connection with marriage. But such duties the employer is not, therefore, most of the organizations is guided by legislative rules and provides unpaid leave.

In what order to proceed to the employee when arranging a vacation?

Vacation in connection with the marriage is not automatically granted, the initiative must come from the employee, which is also enshrined in the Labour code of the Russian Federation. The initiative is expressed in the statement, which is submitted to the head of the organization. The application should fix the request for leave without pay, specifying the reason for the request and the estimated start and end date of stay (including limitations of five calendar days). Manager puts on this application own a visa, after which it goes to the HR Department, which experts make the order on the direction of the employee on leave. The employee is typically introduced to the order by hand, and then making vacation after marriage ends.

What to do in case of refusal of employer to grant leave?

Some managers have a negative attitude to the request of the employee to implement their own right to additional vacation time in connection with marriage. If the employer refuses to grant leave without pay, the employee may, upon submission of the application to use the time of rest alone. The main condition of such use – save copy of the application for leave, filed by the employer, which set the mark of his adoption. There is a judicial practice under which the dismissal of an employee in such a situation, recognizes the misconduct, and the employee is restored to operation with all the attendant compensation.