Advice 1: How to find the vin code paint

The color of the car is one of the options, which just need to know, because in the event of an accident to pick up the paint on the eye for dyeing the damaged area is not just difficult, but almost impossible, as each manufacturer has its own shades. The type of paint usually are determined through a Collier in the Studio, however, you can do this yourself via the vin-code.
How to find the vin code paint
Open the hood of your car and while facing the machine, locate the engine. Look to the right: whether there is a special informational sticker? If you have purchased a modern new car or one that was not yet renovated under the hood, the iron horse, it will be possible to find a special glued manufacturer's information sheet with clear indication of the brand of car and color coating his body.
Open the driver's door if the sticker was not detected under the hood. Inspect the door pillar at the bottom, close to the floor. Some manufacturers prefer information stickers to place under the hood, namely on the door.
View vin code paint. And in that and in other case the shade of color will be specified exactly by the code. Write down the number of factory exterior colors (vin-code).
Please contact car service to kolerovschik, giving him found the vin-code. Kolerovschik, using a special computer program, entering your code in paint, can easily pick up a shade that was originally painted your body. However, we should not forget that over time, any paint fade and, perhaps, the original tone will already be distinguishable from the one now on the car.
Another way to determine the colours on the vin-code is to go to the dealer, giving him the brand of the car and the corresponding code. After quite a short period of time the employees of any of the motor companies will be able to provide you with comprehensive information about the car and its color. It is important to know what to ask the dealers you can, as personally appearing in the office where you purchased the car or by contacting the company by phone or e-mail. With this data you can go to the car wash and ask to have your car painted in that tone that indicated by the manufacturer.

Advice 2: How to choose paint for a car

The appearance of the car is the calling card of its owner. You need to remember that the impeccable condition it is much easier to preserve than to restore. But there are times when the machine needs re-painting.

To pick up paint on a car, you need to understand what is automotive paint. This paint is part of a group of enamels, as its main components a pigment substance and varnish. When applying the paint to the surface you need to knowthat it dries out unevenly. First dry the top layers and give the impression that the process is complete. But it's not. The lower layers are still subject to deformation, so the car can not go. When the paint is completely dry, it will create a protective effect. The surface takes on color, structure and Shine. It should be noted that with the advancement of technology has significantly increased the number of possible color schemes. For the right selection of paint color, it is desirable to use the services of computer kolerovschik. By the way, under the hood of any car is the VIN number, which indicated the factory body color. But we must remember that over time, paint fades, and partial repair will have to carefully find the right shade. So you have to choose the right paint on the car.Gloss level automotive paints compared with a benchmark, which is black glass. The level of gloss is equal to 100%, for the perfect look of the car enough to automotive paint 60% gloss. The protective properties of the paint are manifested in opposition to the sun's rays, rainfall, and the corrosive action and the contamination by unwanted substances. In addition the paint layer must have sufficient strength and hardness. In addition, this layer must be resistant to temperature changes and not crack during bending. The perfect cold resistance for automotive paints is determined by the temperature of the temperate zone.When choosing a car paint not need to know some well-known companies. The result of painting depends primarily on the professionalism of the master and technical equipment of the service station. Furthermore, accompanying the painting materials should be of high quality. Only in this case your car will sparkle with any paint.

Advice 3: How to check the car paint

Doing the repair work of the car, motorists have to touch up some damaged body parts. In this case, you need to paint was the same color as the rest of the body. But how to know the number of this paint is not widely known.
How to check the car paint
You will need
  • For the selection of paint you will need:
  • -the car;
  • -car service;
  • dealer;
  • -registration certificate.
First, room paint , you can learn special information sticker, which is located near the driver's door. Among other information it shows and the number of paintin which the painted body of a car. But there is a hint not everywhere. Therefore it is necessary for motorists to know the room in other ways.
In some cars the color information of the paint under the hood of the car. If it is not there, or the car is "aged" (i.e., the original color is already fading, the required computer selection of paint. On with the final result, you can go to the professionals and they will correct it for a transfusion and will align with the overall body color.
Some motorists coming the other way and looking for guides for car of its brand. And they already find information about what paint painted body. By the way, for car owners who bought the car in the company's showroom, there is an option to know the color of paint there.

Advice 4: How to determine the number of paint

If the car for some reason appeared a scratch, the owner will have to restore the original appearance of the machine, and this requires to know exactly what you need. Each hue has a specific number. How to define it?
How to determine the number of paint
If you have purchased a brand new car from official dealers, on the inner side of the trunk or the door should be attached to the piece of paper with the room paint. For example, the snow Queen, color 690. The exact color should be specified in the registration certificate on the car and the warranty card. However, the problem is that this data can vary: for example, on a piece of color – the snow Queen, and the certificate – silver metallic.
There are plans for the painting of cars in which numbers of colors and shows all the nuances of machines in a given month. For example, a plan for the painting of LADA presented here: full color of all possible shades can be found on this page: Compare these colors with your car and select the desired number. This classification is universal for all firms, however, for some cars, for example Chevrolet, used codes consisting of three letters. To know the exact color names on the official website.
If you have difficulty in choosing or do not trust the color rendition of the monitor, remove the machine fuel filler flap and contact the service center, staff directory will determine the number of paint suitable for your car. It must be done because the same color, like green, has dozens of different shades, and pick up "by eye" the right color will be simply impossible.
Note that if the machine was a long time in the sun, the colors fade away, so to remove the scratch, will have to paint the entire damaged part, for example the entire trunk. If the color transition is very noticeable, most likely, you will have to paint the whole car.
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