Open the hood of your car and while facing the machine, locate the engine. Look to the right: whether there is a special informational sticker? If you have purchased a modern new car or one that was not yet renovated under the hood, the iron horse, it will be possible to find a special glued manufacturer's information sheet with clear indication of the brand of car and color coating his body.
Open the driver's door if the sticker was not detected under the hood. Inspect the door pillar at the bottom, close to the floor. Some manufacturers prefer information stickers to place under the hood, namely on the door.
View vin code paint. And in that and in other case the shade of color will be specified exactly by the code. Write down the number of factory exterior colors (vin-code).
Please contact car service to kolerovschik, giving him found the vin-code. Kolerovschik, using a special computer program, entering your code in paint, can easily pick up a shade that was originally painted your body. However, we should not forget that over time, any paint fade and, perhaps, the original tone will already be distinguishable from the one now on the car.
Another way to determine the colours on the vin-code is to go to the dealer, giving him the brand of the car and the corresponding code. After quite a short period of time the employees of any of the motor companies will be able to provide you with comprehensive information about the car and its color. It is important to know what to ask the dealers you can, as personally appearing in the office where you purchased the car or by contacting the company by phone or e-mail. With this data you can go to the car wash and ask to have your car painted in that tone that indicated by the manufacturer.