You will need
  • • vehicle;
  • • access to the Internet.
Many online auctions to sell cars, classifieds include on their websites links to free services on check VIN codes cars. The test principle is as follows: for each type of car formed a different base and form a base on the principles of search: to the computer, check the accessories of the car. It is better to use the sites, which contains the most recent and complete data set for decoding VIN codes.
How to find equipment to blame
Go to the portal, which has an extensive database on automotive VIN codes on the link
Select the icon for the language in which you wish to receive information. The choice of the Russian language by clicking on the icon with the image of the Russian flag.
How to find equipment to blame
In the opened window, in the left menu list, select the string "VIN+equipment". In the next window, for information about package car in question click Full Report (the Full report).
How to find equipment to blame
In the next window, hammer in right field VIN number of the car registration certificate. Carefully fill in the field: the letters must be in English and capitalized. Below, enter a set of characters suggested in the picture. Then click below on "Get report".
How to find equipment to blame
A full report about a particular car will appear in the next window. You can now print it or save in pdf format. This service is free and very easy to obtain a variety of information on cars.
How to find equipment to blame