Quite often, motorists are faced with the need to produce a full or partial painting of the car. And if the first quality you should contact the specialists, then the second, especially if the paint damage is minor, it is possible to do yourself.
The first question that needs to be addressed is a matter of choice. Moreover, the choice of not only colors, but also the type of paint.

Selection of paint colors

The main task, which is placed when choosing paint, is the selection of the right colors. The transition from freshly painted surfaces to the original color of the body should be almost invisible.

There are two basic ways paint selection.

1. The selection is carried out by the so-called vin code. This procedure is performed using a computer hardware that performs the decryption code and allows you to choose a paint color that perfectly will match the original color of the coating. The process is quite expensive, but allows us to guarantee 100% success.

2. Selection of color enamel "eye". This option is acceptable only if it carries enough experienced in these matters specialist. Do not recommend you to solve this problem. Indeed, to obtain the necessary color and tint is sometimes necessary to mix several colors, and to do it in the right proportions. Otherwise, you may unpleasantly surprise. It is better to pick up the paint in the cabin. If you are not able to deliver in the saloon of your car for various reasons, bring in a sample color some small removable part of the body (e.g., the cap of the tank).

Practical advice on choosing the type of paint

1. Use only cosmetics of leading world manufacturers
2. Do not use topcoats with high hardness at the bend and vibration.
3. Glyptal enamel require a long drying time for complete curing sometimes takes a few days. In addition, they are sensitive to ambient temperature (subject to thickening and therefore require proper dilution before use). Mandatory primer the parts before painting.
4. Acrylic enamel should be used in several layers. It is not recommended to cover it with varnish.
5. After application and drying, metallic nail Polish, don't forget to cover the surface of colourless acrylic varnish (always comes with a colored base nitro enamel).
6. When working with enamel, which can be used directly on the rust, take the time to put in order, at least the problem areas, removing loose deep rust.