You will need
  • For the selection of paint you will need:
  • -the car;
  • -car service;
  • dealer;
  • -registration certificate.
First, room paint , you can learn special information sticker, which is located near the driver's door. Among other information it shows and the number of paintin which the painted body of a car. But there is a hint not everywhere. Therefore it is necessary for motorists to know the room in other ways.
In some cars the color information of the paint under the hood of the car. If it is not there, or the car is "aged" (i.e., the original color is already fading, the required computer selection of paint. On with the final result, you can go to the professionals and they will correct it for a transfusion and will align with the overall body color.
Some motorists coming the other way and looking for guides for car of its brand. And they already find information about what paint painted body. By the way, for car owners who bought the car in the company's showroom, there is an option to know the color of paint there.