If you have purchased a brand new car from official dealers, on the inner side of the trunk or the door should be attached to the piece of paper with the room paint. For example, the snow Queen, color 690. The exact color should be specified in the registration certificate on the car and the warranty card. However, the problem is that this data can vary: for example, on a piece of color – the snow Queen, and the certificate – silver metallic.
There are plans for the painting of cars in which numbers of colors and shows all the nuances of machines in a given month. For example, a plan for the painting of LADA presented here: full color of all possible shades can be found on this page: Compare these colors with your car and select the desired number. This classification is universal for all firms, however, for some cars, for example Chevrolet, used codes consisting of three letters. To know the exact color names on the official website.
If you have difficulty in choosing or do not trust the color rendition of the monitor, remove the machine fuel filler flap and contact the service center, staff directory will determine the number of paint suitable for your car. It must be done because the same color, like green, has dozens of different shades, and pick up "by eye" the right color will be simply impossible.
Note that if the machine was a long time in the sun, the colors fade away, so to remove the scratch, will have to paint the entire damaged part, for example the entire trunk. If the color transition is very noticeable, most likely, you will have to paint the whole car.