VINcode consists of three частейWMI – the first three digits. Are the world index, the company which manufactured the car. The first digit gives information about the geographic area of the manufacturer, the second identificeret his country, and the third says about the name of the firm.
VDI – narrative. Is the fourth to the ninth position numbers inclusive. It is of the greatest interest for the motorist, because it has a greater information load. However, the order and meaning of numbers identifies the manufacturer, making it difficult to read code.
VIS – a distinctive part, from 10 to 17 characters. The last 4 digits have to be numbers.
Fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth characters give information about the characteristics of the vehicle. It can be written the body type, engine, model number, series. Each car these values can be purely individual.The ninth character is a check digit code. This number determines the correctness of the entire VIN, often used in American cars.Tenth character indicates the model code of the vehicle. The eleventh speaks of the factory Assembly of the machine. Other symbols indicate the order of production and are specific to each manufacturer.
There are many online services that help to decipher the corresponding code. For example, the VIN software Informer that allows you to work with a 17-digit VIN. However, facilities that do not meet standards are not recognized on such resources.