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VIN code machine includes three parts. The first three digits are referred to as WMI. This is a global index company that manufactured the car. The first digit stands for the geographical area of the manufacturer, the second is used to identify his country, and the third contains the name of the firm.
Pay attention to the following five characters. It is VDI, or narrative. Is the fourth to the ninth position numbers inclusive. It has great information and is of interest to the motorist. The meaning of digits and their order, is determined directly by the manufacturer. They can be encrypted the type of body, engine, series, and model number. For each machine these values are purely individual.
Characters 10 through 17 are called VIS, or a distinctive part. The last four signs is necessarily figures. The ninth character is a check digit code. On this number you can determine the correctness of the entire VIN. The tenth symbol is denoted by the model code of the vehicle, the eleventh factory Assembly of the machine. The remaining numbers and letters encode the order of production and have individual character for each manufacturer.
Use one of the many on-line services of the Internet to decode the VIN. If the brand of your car is Ford, go to, for example, on the page: In the space provided, enter the identification number of your car and click "Decrypt". On the same page, given all possible values of each characters of the VIN-code. The program "VIN Informer" to see information on the 17 digit code for different brands of cars. Keep in mindthat the identification numbers of the cars that do not meet standards due to various reasons are not recognized on similar resources.