You will need
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - VIN-code car.
Find out everything about the car via the VINnumber through the Internet. The network provided a huge number of sites, visiting and adding data, you can obtain detailed information about any car. Some resources doing it for free, others for a certain amount. So, for example, a car of any brand registered in the United States, you can "break" on the VIN code on the Internet site: by paying for the service a certain amount. Such services will give you and on the website at:
Get free information on the website: where possible check the vehicle VIN code.
Try to find an expert who with the help of the world wide web will gather all necessary information pertaining to your car by its VIN number. Sign up on discussion forums, there are, as a rule, there are specialists. They will send the necessary information to your email.
Contact your authorized representatives. For example, you can visit the dealer showroom cars of your brand and make from them a request for information. It will be easier to find the necessary for you information as they have direct links with the manufacturer, which holds all the data on the produced cars. However, thus it is possible to verify features. To find out whether got the car in a serious scrape, in a different way.
To learn the detailed history of the car from when it rolled off the Assembly line, contact the employees of the road inspection service. This option is possible if the car was registered to you in Russia or in the republics of the Commonwealth. Upon request, you will be able to obtain information regarding repairs, car thefts, accidents, etc.