Getting started setting up LPG, check out some engine components. The compression in the cylinders should be 6.5 kgf/cm2. Check all the plugs and wires and ensure the absolute integrity of the tract.
Switch pressure reducer in the "Petrol" mode and start the car. With the engine at operating temperature, set idle at 800 rpm. Then switch the gearbox in neutral position.
Note that the order of adjustment of the LPG depends on the type of dispenser. When two-piece system remove the first section on "maximum", and the second on "low". Single section spout Unscrew on a maximum. Tighten the idle screw until it stops and make five turns ago.
Switch the button to position "Gas", get a car and with the suction set the revs at 1500 – 1700 per minute. Then all "push" knob below the engine when you turn off the choke worked steadily.
Now set the sensitivity of the gas reducer. To do this, carefully remove the bolt of sensitivity, and when it will cease to have effect on the idle speed, fold it back, doing the two turns. Sharply press the accelerator gas to check the adjustment of the LPG. Acceleration of the engine needs to be powerful.
Adjust the screw of the dispenser to determine the threshold at which the change of momentum. Then remove the screw for half a turn. Have a two-piece dispenser in this way is governed by the first camera. When adjusting the second camera the position of the screw is a quarter turn.
Assistant, which needs pressing on the gas pedal to set the engine speed at 3200 – 3700 per minute. At this time, tighten a quarter turn of the adjustment screw. Repeat the procedure until, until you see the failures of revolutions. When this happens, again remove the screw for half a turn.